Year 6 Moving on and Primary Achievement Assembly 2021

On Thursday 22nd July we held a special assembly to celebrate our Year 6 pupils moving onto secondary and to award our primary pupils for their achievements this year.

This assembly recognised the contributions all pupils have made to Ripplevale throughout the year and was a showcase of achievements, talents and sharing of memories.

Each pupil had every right to be proud of all they learnt, achieved and overcame this this year, especially because they all survived another Covid-19 lockdown!

Mr Donovan closed the assembly with the following…

“If you have a dream, go live it. There is no one quite like you, you are unique, you are rare, you are fearless. As long as you can look yourself in the mirror, say you have done your best, and are proud to be who you are, no one can ask more than that.

As you move into another school year, continue to live your dreams, and as always, we will be by your side every step of the way helping you fulfil those dreams. Don’t forget, be kind, show love, be caring and continue to work hard for your dreams because that’s what we all do at Ripplevale”


Wonderful smells, sights and sounds were all around Ripplevale School on 25th May when the students and staff celebrated World Africa Day with a variety of activities to enhance learning about Africa and also launch a fundraising event.

The students all participated in drumming sessions led by local drummer, Richie Rhythms. These workshops created an amazing sound which echoed all around the school sounding like you were deep in the Serengeti.  The students really enjoyed this experience and immersed themselves in the different sounds and rhythms they learnt.

Face-painting and African themed costumes were seen all around the school and even the school dog, Ralph, disguised himself as a lion cub for the day. The cultural day was embedded into lessons with students making face masks and art pieces with an African theme, cooking African dishes in Food Tech and learning about African culture and at lunch the fantastic kitchen team provided the students with African foods to try such as peri-peri chicken, plantain chips and joloff rice.

At the end of the day, the school came together to join a parade with all the flags of Africa and to launch our ‘Passport to Africa’ fundraising event. There was a colourful collection of costumes and flags and our Speech and Language Therapist, Boaz Nyika led the parade after telling our boys what a difference their sponsorship could make to the school he works with in Zimbabwe. Boaz works closely with Southview School in Gweru, Zimbabwe, helping to improve the building and provide resources for the students. It is hoped that monies raised can refurbish an existing room enabling more children to attend the school.

The sponsored event involves staff and students walking 54 laps around the school field to reflect the 54 countries of Africa. These 54 laps equate to 27 miles, which will be completed between 25th May and the end of Summer Term. For each lap completed an African flag in each person’s passport will be stamped. 

Boaz, Speech and Language Therapist said ‘What a fantastic day of celebration – African styles of clothing, African national flags being waved and rhythm from njenga drums being played. Africa is thousands of miles away from us (Ripplevale), but it was amazing to witness the very high level of enthusiasm by all the young people and staff at Ripplevale. What an excellent way to introduce the fundraiser in support of Southview Early Learning Centre.’

A Just Giving Page has been set up and any donations would be very much appreciated:

School Dog

Mr Ralph Ripples

Ralph has settled in well to school life. He is providing much entertainment and support to the students. He is growing quickly and really enjoys cuddles…..

There are a number of benefits to having dogs in school, especially for students with ASD, and we aim for the school dog to primarily become a well being nurture dog amongst other things.  We have undertaken a significant amount of research and are aware of many benefits to having school dogs:

  • Helping children build confidence in reading
  • Having a calming effect on pupils, particularly those with behavioural or learning difficulties
  • Improving children’s behaviour and concentration, reducing stress and improving self-esteem
  • Encouraging expression and participation in more withdrawn children
  • Fostering a sense of responsibility
  • Increasing enthusiasm for and enjoyment of animals which will motivate the children to think and learn
  • Helping children who are upset in any way and in need of calm, comfort and space before being able to tell an adult what has upset them.

Remote Learning Video

Whilst we have not been able to capture all of the amazing work being done at school and at home, here is a short video giving a snap shot of the efforts from staff, students and parents.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work, creativity and enthusiasm towards ensuring learning continues whether at school or at home.

Ocean Class Presents Sweeney Todd


International Mud Week


Jungle’s Butterfly Garden


11C and 11P Treat


Making Chilli Peppers in Art


Rocket launching – Outdoor Learning


Mental Health Awareness Week


Nettle Week – Outdoor Learning


Insect Man