Ripplevale School Post 16 Curriculum Area

Our Key Stage 5 Curriculum Comprises of:

  • Maths – Entry level, Functional skills, Number and measure awards and GCSE
  • English – Entry level, Functional skills and GCSE Language and Literature
  • Careers and exploring work programmes inc impartial advice and guidance provided through CXK and Unifrog
  • Life Skills inc. Basic cooking, cleaning, finance, travel training and introduction to the wider community
  • PE (Physical Education) as an activity also GCSE option
  • Social Development – PSHE(Personal, Social and Health Education)/ Citizenship
  • SRE (Sex and Relationship Education)
  • There are also many educational and college visits throughout the year to prepare enrich and extend students’ learning experiences
  • Work experience

And a choice of vocational courses such as:

  • BTEC Construction in the built environment Level 1
  • WJEC Constructing the built environment level 2
  • Gateway Hospitality and catering
  • Edexcel foundation projects
  • Cambridge National Creative Imedia