Primary Charter

Primary Charter of Experiences

At Ripplevale we believe that our curriculum should not only include learning through the requirements laid out in the National Curriculum but also learning through exciting and enriching experiences.

In light of this, we set up the Primary Charter of Experiences. As part of this Charter, we pledge that all children will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that will broaden their life experiences and develop a wider understanding and appreciation of the world they live in.

When pupils start primary they will be given their own Charter presentation folder. As children take part in an experience, photographic evidence will be taken which will then be added to their charter. Their charter will follow them throughout their Primary years and will finally be presented to them during their end of Year 6 Achievement/moving on assembly.

The Primary Charter of Experiences is made up of 115 exciting opportunities. Click here to find out moreā€¦