Primary Department

About Us

Our Vision

At Ripplevale School we believe that different thinking is needed to improve the lives of our pupils and their families. This thinking starts right here in our Primary department. By providing a life enhancing starting point to education, we have expectations for all our pupils to achieve at school, home and in their communities. We are often the first educational setting that some pupils have attended and therefore we believe in open door classrooms and work in close partnership with parents/carers and our highly skilled therapy team to ensure the success of our pupils. We welcome visits and collaborative working to ensure the best possible impact and to deliver meaningful outcomes.


Pupils in primary benefit from small classes (max size 8) with a teacher and a minimum of two teaching assistants. Our dedicated primary team support our pupils to maximise learning opportunities and provide a stimulating and safe environment for all young people.

Class groups are generally age based however; flexibility is exercised when required which enables pupils to be placed in group suitable to their individual needs.

In addition to the general teaching spaces in the primary building. Primary pupils have access to specialist teaching spaces, such as food technology room, computer room, vast outdoor spaces, sports hall, therapy spaces, sensory room and library.