Eco Club

Our Eco school’s Green flag award journey started in autumn 2019, with the launch of two lunch time clubs one for Primary and one for Secondary. The Eco-committee was formed from boys that attended the clubs and the Environmental Review was carried out. From this information an action plan was drawn up. With the whole school getting involved to help reach the targets we had set. Then of course Covid19 hit and so for a while Eco work has been slow, due to restrictions in place.

From September 2020 new members joined the committee.

Boys can self-nominate and are welcome to join the committee at any time. The only criteria: – to want to help and have an interest in ‘Eco-work’.

  As clubs cannot be held at the present time, the Eco Committee are meeting once a month to continue the actions set out in the plan. Extra actions and activities can also be accessed on Google classrooms.

To help inform the school community about our work we have an eco-board and now these web pages.  

The eco committee are in the process of monitoring and evaluating the steps taken in the action plan, setting up new steps in our topic areas and looking at developing an eco-code for the school.  

If you would like to submit an eco-code then please see Anne Logan.

Ripplevale school will always welcomes support and ideas for the ‘green’ work that we do. If you would like to be involved in our work, or have ideas to offer, please contact our Eco-Schools’ Co-ordinator, Anne Logan, or the school office.

The topics which the committee choose were waste (recycling), school grounds and Energy.

Topic one Waste

Once Covid restrictions have been relaxed it is planned for the boys to form teams to collect the paper and plastic recycling from the classrooms.

The Big Battery Hunt

We also have a battery recycling station in reception.

Topic two School Grounds

Summer of 2020 saw the boys getting involved with gardening and growing both plants and vegetables. The sunflowers looked fantastic in September.

Getting involved in growing and developing areas for vegetables and plants is one of the highest priorities that the boys have identified in the recent eco-committee meeting.